Welcome to the weird world of San Anto Splendor

Daisy & Buck (aka Missy & EPSR Martinez)

Daisy & Buck (aka Missy & EPSR Martinez)

Welcome to San Anto Splendor, as presented by Daisy & Buck.  We plan on using this platform to share our adventures, our thoughts and opinions, our dreams, and everything in between.  It is intended to be a record of our everyday life, our struggles, our moments of clarity and our moments of boredom.  Perhaps it will inspire you, or teach you, or make you laugh, or simply realize you are not alone in this jungle gym we call life.

One day we might share my Sunday Chicken Curry recipe, the next we might outline EPSR's theory on the relationship between Hip Hop and Classic Country (yeah they really have more in common than you realize at first glance), and another day we might just share some interesting things we know of going on around our great city of San Antonio, Tx.  Perhaps we'll throw a crafty tutorial in there or a new song we recorded.  You never know what we will blog about next, but be assured it will be either fun, funny, entertaining or educational....or maybe just us rambling.

We are always open to suggestions, so we invite you to follow us on here, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.  Okay - so I'll admit...there is nothing on those pages YET, we just opened those accounts.  Give us some time, we will have everything up and running soon.  We've all got to start somewhere!

If you want to know more about who we are check out our "About Us" page.