Who the heck are Daisy & Buck

“Daisy and Buck” is a San Antonio based husband and wife artist team. EPSR (Josh) Martinez and Missy (Melissa) Martinez were married in 2015 and have been creating havoc ever since. Both brought their own skills, passion and interests into the collaboration, however, both have the strong desire to not only create but to inspire and teach others how to unleash their creativity.

Shortly after meeting, while using some swiftly emptied LoneStar cans as target practice for their Daisy b.b. riffle and Buck b.b. gun, EPSR and Missy came up with their alter-ego's - “Daisy and Buck” - how much more Texas can you get than that! They have spent the last few years executing numerous anonymous guerrilla-style “street beautification” projects, displaying art in local galleries together, performing together in multiple musical and visual facets, creating and projecting art throughout Texas on everything from buildings, trains, underpasses, and even moving 18-wheelers, and being each others muse and inspiration. They are currently working on a podcast all about their lovely hometown of San Antonio, accompanied by original music and a zine project. Who knows what they will come up with next?!



Missy helped usher in the Do-It-Yourself crafting revolution to San Antonio over a decade ago. She was at the forefront of the new wave of crafting by opening San Antonio's first sewing lounge and boutique/gallery, teaching classes in both sewing and art, and organizing small and large scale art, music, and fashion events. After a long restful, productive and private hiatus she has returned to wanting to spread the crafting bug! Missy never stopped sewing or creating new pieces...just stopped teaching and selling for a while. Her passion has always been to bring back the lost art of the thread and needle, once a skill known by most every person out of necessity. Our consume and dispose culture of today has handicapped people from being able to perform even the simplest tasks of minor clothing repair and robbed them from learning the skills to create functional fabric pieces (i.e. clothing, upholstery, etc) or beautiful and textural fiber art. Many of her fabric pieces are created from upcycled material, usually thrift store or estate sale finds of clothing, curtains, table clothes or linens.


EPSR is a local DJ who has been spinning vinyl since the late 90's. He is also a well known local graffiti artist. His graffiti includes spray paint, wheat pasted images, and sculpture. More recently both his free public art and gallery art has focused on showing the odd, but recognizable, relationship between Hip Hop and Classic Country. He has developed a theory through his study of music that the two cultures actually have a great deal in common. Humble beginnings, grandiose attitude, flashy style, beats and storytelling are just a few places that these seemingly different cultures collide. This theorem has not only influenced his art but his musical selections as well. DJ EPSR has been sharing his love of music by sharing his DJ skills through workshops offered at the local elementary school, and is working on a plan to offer more classes to local youth interested in learning how to play, mix, and manipulate vinyl the old school way...without computers.