Following are samples of current pieces, past pieces and projects that we have take on.  Some artwork may still be available along with other items at our online shop.  Check our calendar for upcoming events if you are interested in buying in person.  Or feel free to contact us if you have any questions.



A performance piece by EPSR & Missy Martinez

Husband and wife artist team, EPSR and Missy Martinez, will perform side by side exhibiting their individual passions in parallel. DJ EPSR manipulates sound with the needle of his record players.  Missy manipulates fabric and thread through the needles of her sewing machines.  One creating beats and music and auditory entertainment, one creating tangible pieces of fabric art to be freely given away to guests.  Needle vs. Needle.  A battle, a dance, a cooperative lineal work of audio, visual, and performance art.

Today most DJ's use computers to mix and play their music, and our consumer culture has lost the once common skill of sewing to create and repair. Scratch-n-Stitch aims to promote both the art of DJ'ing and the art of sewing. The project will show the correlation between the two skills as creative outlets and inspire guests to perhaps pick up a needle and make something too, whether it be auditory or tangible.


Urban cowboys

by EPSR Martinez

What does hip hop and classic country have in common? Most would say they are worlds apart. However, through my art and music I strive to show the similarities of both cultures. Humble beginnings, grandiose attitude, flashy style, beats and storytelling are just a few places that these seemingly different cultures collide. In my latest series of paintings, I use my skills as a street artist and my interest in western iconography to juxtapose classic country portraits against backgrounds of colorful traditional graffiti. Multiple layers of spray-paint are applied to large wood panels and acrylic paints are used to create pop-art style portraits of cowboys and cowgirls in the foreground.


Cowgirls, Indians, and adelitas

by Missy Martinez

Strong girls grow up to be strong women.  In this series I honor the women of my ancestry. Using iconic vintage photos ofwomen breaking the mold I explore the beauty of what it means to be more than just a mother and wife.  The world is full of adventure and women have always been in the forefront of the action, even if not always recognized.  Cowgirls rustling cattle on the plains to the pride of Native American women to Adelitas fighting side by side with the men of the Mexican Revolution. All beautifully strong women inside and out.

coming soon.jpg


by EPSR Martinez

This series puts a twist on the traditional "Mexican Bingo" game known as LOTERIA. I have painted images representing my culture, upbringing and own interests.  These original pieces of artwork are painted on 16" x 24" panels of wood and include all hanging hardware. 


Lots more coming soon!!!